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    Staffing and Resource Augmentation

    Done The Right Way, by The Right People


Rudram Infotech (RI) is the difference-maker in resource augmentation and staffing. The company that has taken a stand against the deception and dishonesty that has plagued this industry for multiple decades. RI listens and delivers results by providing proven resources to help clients transform and succeed in today’s challenging market. Rudram Infotech understands this business so well because it stems from the vision of the successful engineering services firm, Rudram Engineering. With 20+ years of real-world business experience, including constructing dynamic, successful engineering teams, eventually completely without the use of staffing and resource augmentation firms. Rudram Infotech’s seed was sewn from the disgust of many past staffing and resource augmentation firms that have burned us. Rudram Infotech’s roots are grounded in the blood, sweat, and tears that have driven the success of the engineering services firm that the company was built upon.

Rudram Infotech was finally brought to life, by a team of skilled engineers with entrepreneurial mindsets who knew that there was a tremendous opportunity in IT staffing, resource augmentation, and outsourcing services to clients. We already knew how to successfully put together the teams; and honesty, transparency, client-centricity – these are the pillars that drive our happiness. RI is removing the industry’s stigma and will leverage our past successful experience to employ and retain the right resources for the right roles to ensure our clients’ success. RI’s experience with technology consulting, product development, solutions integration, business process management, program management, military and transportation expertise, and the countless implementations of end-to-end solutions will help strategically staff forward-thinking enterprises, institutions, and agencies everywhere, with kindness, transparency, and treating every client like a member of our family.